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Dear Friend:   

You probably heard on the news recently that some blogger or other was talking about something or other... That exposure translates into dollars for the blog owner!

My name is Micheal Savoie.

I have hosted hundreds of websites for clients. Most of them were business owners who never had time to do any website work on their own. I often did installations and modifications of entire websites and blogs. As a webmaster, I had to know what I was doing. But things have changed in the marketplace!

I have trained with some of the best marketers on the Internet (Joe Clayton, Ken McArthur and others), and one thing that they have all told me is that blogs are the best way to get traffic. Not only that, but blogs have proven to be more useful than standard websites for content delivery.

Now I have been installing software since the early days of DOS, and you might be thinking that just because I can do it, doesn't mean that you could ever learn all of the skills required to install blogs. I disagree!

I Have Been There!

I used to install a ton of Microsoft products on servers and it was so technical that I had to take long classes to know how to modify registries and how to add users to the Access Control List... It was enough to give me a headache day in and day out! The people who work with blogs, they were laughing at those of us who set up the Microsoft websites! Soon, I began to see the writing on the wall. Wordpress and Blogger were eating Microsoft Servers for lunch!

I figured out that I had to learn how to do Wordpress or find a tar pit I could curl up in and die... because I was about to be extinct!

Bloggers were bragging about how much money they were raking in and I wanted to get a piece of that action!


What Can You Do?

First, came the hosted blogging solutions. You know, Blogger and! I liked them at first, because I didn't have to do much to have a blog up and getting me traffic. But I soon found out I couldn't do what I wanted to on them. If I wanted to change the look of my blog, I had to find a theme that didn't look like the myriad other blogs hosted on that server. Themes designed for these hosted blogs were not easy to come by and many times the really nice ones were really expensive.

So I looked at finding the best way to have these blogs on my own servers. I still clung to the thought that once I had traffic to my own domain, that things would be allright! But each one of the solutions was either insecure or complicated to install. So I decided that I would install each type of blog and video how I did it so that I could train others to do the same thing!

In fact, once I had started telling others that I could install and update blogs, a lot of my friends started asking me to help them with theirs which is why I thought you might be able to help me out. I am way too busy to keep doing blog installations myself, so when my clients want installations, I want to have people to send them to so that I don't have to take my time away from my other projects.

Will You Be My "Go To" Blog Installer?

Blog installers can command their own prices and once you have been through my course, you will be able to do installations and collect a nice sum from your clients. As I get new clients, I will send them to my top students. So this is a way for you to get additional work.


What Will You Be Able To Do?

After the video training, you will have the skills necessary to install blogs for clients and yourself.

  • You can charge clients for installation of a blog.

  • You will be able to install plugins and themes! "You can charge extra for this!"

  • Setup Blogger blogs for your clients to help them get additional traffic!

  • You will have access to the My Blogging School forum, to ask questions and get help in troubleshooting. So you can do blog repairs.

  • You will have the skills to help others and become the expert in the room when others have blogging questions.

  • And much, much more!


This Course Is Worth Hundreds Of Dollars

Not only am I teaching the basics of blog installations, I will be teaching additional courses on various topics related to monetizing your blogging business and making YOU more money by helping your clients!


Isn't It All About Cashflow?

You bet it is!

You want to provide a service to businesses that you can collect nice payouts with the least amount of frustrations and technical difficulties. That is why I am offering this course for $77 for the first month and $27 per month for additional topics, support and even special calls from people who are the best in their fields!

But I will not let you do take a huge risk!

That is why I am offering you a...

100% money-back guarantee, with no questions asked for a full 60 days!

Don't you want to be sure this is for you?

If after I show you everything about how to blog and you ask me questions about any aspects that you don't understand, if you still are unable to set up blogs for yourself or anyone else, then I want to give you every penny you paid me!

You Are Getting An Early Look At This Training, I Am Not Ready For A Full Scale Launch, So I Am Going To Limit The First Class To 50 Students!

Now I know that sounds a little harsh, but I want to ensure that I have the time to keep up with everyone who has questions and I can help keep everyone at full speed! I also want to make sure I have a good group of people who can set up sites for clients, because I am also launching a new site for people who want blogs. If these people want to have blogs installed for them, I want to have a team of at least 50 people in the next 6 months, but I want to build that up from the best of each class.

So if you came here and the buy now button is gone, I apologize!

Only 50 5 spots left at this price!

You can sign up for the waiting list if the buy now button is gone. But if it is there, I suggest you join me in this first group and help me start a blogging revolution!

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Yes! Micheal I want to get into your
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Why are you still reading?

I suppose I wasn't convincing enough... I would appreciate it if you would create a support ticket at the address below to let me know how I could have gotten you into my training course today!



Micheal Savoie


Yes! Micheal I want to get into your
first month of training - Blog Installations
For only
$ 67.00

Secure Payments
Made Through PayPal

Coupon Code (if any)

Discount Codes Only Show
Up On Payment Page



P.S. You can be setting up blogs for small businesses in your community in 30 days or less!

P.P.S. Imagine if you are one of the first 50 to join our course and become a trained blog installer! You can add that to your business card and show the people in your community how much more traffic you can get them with a blog.

Go ahead an scroll up to the buy now button... because the price will not stay at $ 67.00 forever!
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