Your WordPress Site is LEAKING TRAFFIC

It’s time you did something about this problem.
50% of your traffic is being LOST….every day.

That’s a lot of sales, leads and income that
you’re not getting.

You need to do something. Find a way to FIX IT.

Luckily, I found a WordPress plugin that solves
this problem.

Website owners are raving about it.

Their website earnings have increased. Their
rankings have improved.
More sales and more
leads are coming in.

Do you want this for your website too?

Check out => ZeroBounce WordPress Plugin

It’s time you plug the hole that is leaking traffic
from your site.

HURRY – you get 70% off for the next few hours

ZeroBounce WordPress Plugin

Check it out here:

Micheal & Yvonne Savoie –
WordPress Plugin Guide 

PS – It’s a very simple, 1 click install plugin that will save
over 50% of your site’s traffic that you are losing everyday.

=> Watch this video and see how it works (must watch)

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    InstaBuilder 2.0

    All-In-One WordPress Plugin That Lets You Create High Converting, Profit-Pulling Pages In Just Minutes?

    State-Of-The-Art, Drag-And-Drop Technology Lets You Do Just That!

    "Introducing The Brand New InstaBuilder 2.0"
    With A Massive Library of 100 ‘Done For You’ Templates,
    You Can Now Build Virtually Any Page In Just Minutes…

    Instabuilder 2.0

    • Optin Pages
    • Sales Pages
    • Upsell Pages
    • Webinar Pages
    • Launch Pages
    • Bonus Pages
    • JV Pages
    • Thank You Pages
    • Review Pages
    • Coming Soon Pages
    • Legal Pages
    • And Much More…

    The latest incarnation of InstaBuilder 2.0 is nothing quite like its predecessor. It is built and re-engineered from scratch to meet today’s challenges.

    Whether you are creating your own direct response pages or building corporate-style websites, InstaBuilder 2.0 does all that and then some more.

    No Design Skills. No Coding Required.

    As Long As You Can Point And Click The Mouse, You Too Can Build Premium Pages In Just Minutes!

    Instabuilder 2.0 Features

    Marketing online is increasingly complex so you are going to need every edge you can get on your side.

    That edge is InstaBuilder 2.0.

    With its amazing drag-and-drop technology and all the tools rolled into one package, InstaBuilder is the only solution you will ever need to build your marketing pages!

    InstaBuilder 2.0 Comes Equipped With Dozens Of High End Features That Can Be Activated At The Touch Of A Button

    To your success,

    Micheal & Yvonne –

    PS – Don’t forget to check out our fan page for new plugins and WordPress products:

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      You, A Plugin Rockstar?

      Here’s the hidden truth…

      Everybody knows that the BIG money comes
      from selling your own products. Just look at
      the millions being made in the Warrior Forum

      But here’s the dilemma if you’re just getting

      How can you sell your own product if you’re
      not an expert at anything?

      It’s easy for the experienced marketers with
      all the financial screen shots and testimonials.

      But what about you?

      How can you sell an information product if
      you’re just getting started?

      You could fake it…

      You could just copy what everyone else is
      doing and make a “me too” product.

      But you and I both know that, when it comes
      to “make money online” products, you need
      PROOF to sell!

      That’s the bottom line…

      But what if I could show you a way to create
      a product that didn’t require any PROOF to

      • You don’t have to be an expert
      • You don’t need any experience
      • You don’t need to invest thousands in
        outsourcing costs

      Just follow this simple Blueprint

      To your newly found success,

      Micheal & Yvonne – 

      PS – Do You Want To Cash In On The
      Plugin Craze?

      WP Plugin Blueprint

      Now you can! With this detailed PDF Report and
      5 Video Tutorials
       that show you exactly how to
      create and sell your own WP Plugins!

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        Black Friday Blowout

        There’s a  “Once in a Lifetime” weekend special
        offer taking place this weekend that I felt
        compelled to share with you because this thing
        will blow your socks off!

        Now… don’t freak out on me… this isn’t some sort
        of fire sale kind of thing where you get all excited
        and buy a bunch of crap you’ll never need.

        This is the “real deal Holyfield” . . .

        Omar Martin and his wife Melinda have been
        running a site called "My Unfair Advantage" for
        several years now.

        This site gives members unrestricted access to
        all the tools and training they use to run their 7
        figure online business.

        But one of the best parts is that all the members
        get live weekly coaching from Omar for LIFE!
        (yes I said LIFE.)

        This is no joke Batman…

        To your success,

        Micheal & Yvonne –

        PS – We have known Omar and Melinda for years,
        and they have always overdelivered! This is going
        to be their biggest overdelivery to date!

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          WordPress 4.0.1

          If you have a blog, you are probably receiving notices that your blog either automatically updated to 4.0.1 or the you need to update it to 4.0.1 so that you stop getting these notifications…lol.

          This is a good thing!

          Getting your blog updated to the latest version is important because of the security holes that are being plugged with each new update to WordPress. Hackers are spending hours every day trying to break through the security of this blogging platform so that they can add their malicious code into unsuspecting bloggers’ sites. You can avoid that by keeping your blog and plugins up to date and following some good practices like using capital letters and punctuation in your passwords, using something other than admin as your user name and monitoring your site daily to look for unusual occurrences (like penis enlargement ads that weren’t there yesterday or prescription drugs links in your posts).

          A good idea to also help streamline your blog is to disable comments on pages and older posts. You should monitor your posts to only allow comments that are relevant and delete all spam comments immediately to keep your database more compact.

          One last thing, if you want to make sure your blog does not get hacked too easily, install a login blocker plugin that blocks IP addresses that attempt to login to your blog too many times (and fail).  Here are some of the plugins that you could use for this purpose:

          Limit Login Attempts
          Limit Attempts
          Login Security Solution
          Brute Force Login Protection
          Simple Login Lockdown


          These are not the only ones, but all you have to do is click “add new” when you are in the plugins section of your blog and then type “limit login attempts” into the search box and you will get a listing of the plugins.

          Update your blog and then tell me the URL of your blog in a comment!

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